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What Does It Mean To Convert A Website To WordPress?

So you have a 3 or 4 year old HTML website that you want to be able to manage, and perhaps start blogging. Since WordPress is so easy to work with, and used by even some of the largest corporations, it’s a no-brainer. WordPress seems the obvious choice.

So what needs to be considered?

Custom WordPress Themes vs. Third-Party WordPress Themes

Everyone who’s dabbled with building their own WordPress website has seen the vast repository of free WP themes available, or the commercial themes that are out there. Likewise, we’ve all seen the multitude of design firms that tout “custom” and really end up manipulating a third-party theme for their clients (shhhh… not pointing any fingers here.)

Why Use WordPress?

Why is WordPress such a popular platform, and what are the pros and cons of using WordPress as a content management system and blog platform?

WordPress is by far, the most popular software used today as a Content Management System and Blog Platform, dominating the web with the largest growing community of programmers contributing free and commercial Plugins to expand it’s functionality.