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What are the most common results when hiring a freelancer to design your website? What are the pros and cons to hiring a professional web designer to create a custom website for your business? There are many reasons why it might be more beneficial to hire a seasoned professional website designer, over a newbie.
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What is Custom Website Design for WordPress?

We define “custom” as being completely new design and development (‘coding’) and that’s what we’re proud to offer our clients. We design every website from scratch, hand-code and launch a completely custom WordPress theme that no other website has access to.
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Twitter API Update Causes Plugin Issues

Have your tweets disappeared on your website? That’s because twitter updated their API recently to version 1.1 making some plugins obsolete (at least until plugin authors update their code.) Here’s the official announcement if you’re interested in more information.
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Recommended Hosting Providers

As you may have noticed, we have switched hosting providers, and are now proudly hosting on (mt) media temple… Find out more about our new hosting and why we chose (mt)!
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Stock Photography and Bad Form

Bad form is simply defined as behavior that people do not like because it breaks a social rule. How does this apply to stock photography you might ask? The top faux pas in my book is using stock photography but claiming the person in the stock to be an otherwise real person. This would be similar to posting a photo of someone else on a social networking site and claiming that’s the real you.
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Hosting Providers: What To Look For, What To Avoid

So many hosting providers advertise on tv, radio, the internet, etc. but which ones actually have a good reputation and can provide you with quality hosting? Although this article is based on experience, the information provided here is not meant to be the final word on hosting providers. The first rule of thumb is to always check with your website designer first, as they usually have a good idea based on experience, so trust them first, before you put your trust in advertisements or your neighbor’s Aunt Millie.
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Add Functionality to your WordPress Website with Plugins

Does your WordPress website need additional functionality, such as a photo gallery, or a social sharing plugin, for instance? WordPress has a neat and nifty feature in the admin that allows you to install plugins quickly and easily. This article is geared toward clients, as a simple guide for searching and installing plugins via the admin.
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Project Management Tips – Using Basecamp

While working with us, these helpful tips will come in handy. This article is about using Basecamp during production, and is mainly geared toward our clients.
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WordPress Maintenance Tips and Task List

Monthly maintenance of any website, whether it’s developed in WordPress, or not, is essential to making sure your site stays fresh and up to date. Maintaining a WordPress website is essential for security purposes as well as keeping up with the latest plugin updates and WordPress versions.
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WordPress Security Tips

If you have a WordPress website, or any other type of website, whether it’s a content management system or not, it’s still very important to take the necessary steps to help maintain security and prevent your account from being compromised.
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Basic Tips for Securing Your WordPress Site

To make sure your WordPress website stays secure, I always recommend the basics first.
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Check it out!

As you can see, Gravity Station now has launched a new website! The new site will contain lots of new articles that will include tips and helpful information, so check back often to catch up with the latest blurbs!

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